About Our Retreat

Attendee limit is 10 people, which means lots of one-on-one instruction. It will be held outdoors (with Wi-Fi) .

What We Cover

Unit 1 – Your Purpose/Audience

This unit will focus on your reasons for blogging. What is your message? Who is your audience? Do you have a mission statement? Here we will outline your strategic and tactical goals for your brand, your budget (both time and financial) and find out what you know and don’t know.

Unit 2 – Blog Technology

This unit will cover how to choose a hosting company and why you should be on WordPress. We will also talk about how to get the right tools in place to monitor your blog, like google analytics, and which plugins are essential for long term success.

Unit 3 – SEO Basics

This unit we’ll visually walk through what plugin you need and what you need to fill out in WordPress for SEO

Unit 4 – Blog Tasks

These are the things you should do every day when you work on your blog. It’s not just about writing the words. Once you complete a post, there are several things you need to do with the post to make sure people see it.

Unit 5 – Email Marketing

There are a lot of choices out there and we’ll talk to you about what some are, and share our experiences with the ones we use and why we chose them.

Unit 6 – Social Media Overview

Now that you know who your audience is, where is the best place to reach them? An overview of major social media platforms will be discussed so you can focus your time on the best and most effective way to get your message to your audience.

Unit 7 – Monetization

In this unit we’ll cover several options on how to monetize your blog. Ad agencies, how to create your own ads, affiliate market, as well as think outside the box on other things you can sell.

Unit 8 – Importance of Tribes

In this unit we’ll talk about the importance of finding your tribe, setting it up, and what it can do for you.

Optional Add Ons After the Live Retreat

After the retreat, you’ll be able to enroll in a private mastermind mentor group. We’ll cover the following –

  • Deeper Dive Into Each Social Media Platform – Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In
  • Schedulers
  • YouTube
  • Video Creation
  • Deeper Dive Into Each Affiliate Marketing Platform
  • Photography
  • Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog
  • Create a landing page for Instagram
  • And More…