Our retreat is hosted by three bloggers, each with a different strategy and method to achieve that. We believe that there is not just one way to have a successful blog and we want to share our different approaches.

You can check out our web sites and contact each of us directly with questions.

Mary – Creator of Life At Bella Terra

A former corporate executive of multiple Fortune 500 companies and owner of a small business, I started blogging as a way to document a living diary. Last year after my youngest left for college, I decided to focus on learning more about the technology and business behind blogging. What I discovered is that there is limited help for someone starting out and the information can be overwhelming. Learning photography, developing authentic content with an engaged audience, having successful posts on Hometalk and developing social media strategies has set my course in the right direction.

Chas – Owner of Chas’ Crazy Creations

I am a professional content creator and crafting enthusiast for I’ve been blogging and creating video for over 5 years, where I have been working with ad agencies, affiliate marketing, working with brands, hosting live shows, and hosting episodes of Hometalk TV. My journey has taught me how to create a content calendar and write SEO for my posts for better visibility and ranking.

Andrea – Creator of Design Morsels

I’ve been blogging for over ten years with my husband about gardening . We have two e-commerce stores related to our blog and a 7 figure business on Amazon. I decided to start my own creative blog two years ago to expand my creative horizons, meet other bloggers and keep learning what’s new in the blogosphere.

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